Seventh Space Lord’s Staff DEPRECATED

The Seventh Space Lord’s Staff

Below is a listing of The Seventh Space Lord’s Staff and a description of their duties. Below that is a listing of the current positions:

  • Deputy Seventh Space Lord – 
  • Chief of Staff – This position acts as a sounding board for the 7th Space Lord.  Helping to field questions from the membership on policies and procedures of the Bureau of Supply.  The Chief of Staff oversee and coordinates the  Directors efforts and communicate back to 7th Space Lord. This person will work on special projects including but not limited to procedure manuals, advertising strategies and other projects. Organize and execute periodic BuSup meetings via Skype, Facebook or Conference calls and the request of 7th Space Lord.  Assists in filling orders when needed.  Assists with inventory counting when needed.
  • Flag Lieutenant – Help with the administrative functions of the department, maintaining hard copies of records and vendor catalogs.  Assists in filling orders when needed.  Assists with inventory counting when needed.
  • Directors  – Usually a Lieutenant Commander or appropriate NCO rank. Answers directly to the Seventh Space Lord and the chief of staff. Each Director has its own responsibilities as defined below:
    • European Director: Maintains some inventory for shipping to over seas members and helps with identifying the Supply needs of those members.
    • Social Media Director: Monitors the BuSup’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) posting as directed by the 7th Space Lord.  Watching for questions posted in the main RMN page and other associated pages and either answering  them or directing them to the CoS or the 7th Space Lord for answers.
    • BuPlan Liaison: Works closely with the 2nd Space Lord and his directors to coordinate Con Packets of merchandise.  Maintains records on who has what merchandise out at what Conventions and handles the collections of funds for items sold and overage merchandise return.
    • External Suppliers Director: Manages records for all vendors that produce TRMN products for sale independently and pay Royalties to the organization.  Works closely with these vendors to ensure prompt payment of royalties owed.

Below is a listing of the individuals that hold the above positions:

  • Deputy Seventh Space Lord: Commodore Les Rickard
  • Chief of Staff, Seventh Space Lord: Surgeon Lieutenant(SG) Sir Douglas Henry, KDE, QBM
  • Flag Lieutenant: VACANT
  • Storekeeper: CPO Benjamin Wagner, OE, CBM
  • Directors:
    • Director, Uniform Procurement and Vendor Approval: Commodore Sir Joseph Harney GCE, MC, OG, CGM, QBM
    • Director, Social Media and BuSup Promotions: Captain(JG) Dame Theresa Hindle KDE, QBM
    • Director, External Suppliers: Ensign Bruno Vieira Barbosa Carneiro, QBM
  • BuSup Grayson Supply Liaison: Captain Aaron Davis, EM , GSN
  • BuSup RMMC Liaison: Captain Don Reisdorph, NS, CGM, RMMC
  • Store Inventory Specialist: Lieutenant(SG) Sophia Pendergast, SC, NS, CGM, EM
  • BuSup Logisitics Specialist: PO1 Megan Krick NS, QBM