Assault Shuttles DEPRECATED

Assault Shuttles

What is an Assault Shuttle?
An assault shuttle is a pinnace supported by an existing RMN chapter that is staffed and commanded completely by RMMC personnel. Assault shuttles are a way for members of RMMC to create a group in an area where there are no chapters present. This type of unit is not considered a chapter by TRMN and cannot change their hull type until certain conditions are met.

Starting an Assault Shuttle
Marines wishing to start an assault shuttle should fill out the MARDET activation form, selecting the assault shuttle option and listing the supporting chapter.

The Supporting Chapter
A supporting chapter is a chapter in the RMN to which the assault shuttle is “attached”.  A supporting chapter does not have to be located in the same fleet as the assault shuttle and may offer as much or as little support as necessary.

A supporting chapter may have a maximum of 5 assault shuttles attached to it at any given time.

For record keeping purposes an assault shuttle will be considered part of their supporting chapter’s MARDET. However operationally they will be totally independent.

Assault Shuttle Designation
Assault shuttles shall be designated by the following scheme: AS-(ship name)-(number). For example, AS-Gryphon-1. When spoken it would be “assault shuttle Gryphon one”.

Assault Shuttle Command and Organization
An assault shuttle is commanded by the highest ranking marine on board and shall be organized per the most recent RMMC echelon breakdown as outlined in the most current Corps Directive.

Minimum and Maximum Crew Size
An assault shuttle has a minimum crew size of three, which corresponds with the smallest unit in the RMMC. Assault shuttles do not have a maximum crew size.

Converting from an Assault Shuttle to a Ship
In order to convert an assault shuttle to a full chapter in TRMN (ship) the assault shuttle must have recruited a member who has decided to participate as a naval officer. Once that has happened the assault shuttle may then begin the process of starting a ship with BuShips while at the same time contacting COMFORCECOM and informing them that the assault shuttle will be reorganizing as a MARDET on board a ship, following the same procedures as if starting a new MARDET. Please note that converting to a ship is optional and is not required.