Ground Installations DEPRECATED

Organization within RMA (Ground Installations)

As TRMN is based on the naval service of the Star Empire of Manticore, most members, therefore, will probably choose to join the more “senior” and therefore larger Naval or Marine Corps Services. However, those members that choose the “Junior Service Branch” of the Star Empire may still be a member and take part of the activities of the various ships of the Fleet if they so desire (Soldiers, being mainly ground based, do count toward a Chapters over-all compliment, but do not count toward the minimum requirements). If no ship (chapter) is close, they will have the means to organize within the RMA. Outside the above military designated unit organizational structures are the following group level installations, consistent with the chapter structure as approved by the First Lord of the Admiralty.

The basic membership unit in the RMA is the Bivouac. The size of a Bivouac varies considerably, depending on the location and membership. A Bivouac can be anywhere from a single soldier (in the case of a new unit, for example) up to nine. A Bivouac is led by a junior NCO.

10+ members led by a senior NCO.

15+ members led by a junior OC.

20+ members led by a senior OC.

Naming of RMA Installations
Military Installations are usually named instead of numbered. Names may be chosen by the members, but should be in good taste. Names will be approved by the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff  – Operations (ODCSOPS).

Deployment Request Form
To start a Ground Installation, fill out the Deployment Request Form and send it to Office of the Deputy Chief – Personnel (ODCSOPS). Upon approval, a completed form with installation designation and Deployment orders will be returned by the ODCSOPS.