Landing University Courses DEPRECATED

Landing University Courses

Below is a listing of the courses available for the Landing University. To request one of the following course please use the course request form. Please note that passing any of these exams does not entitle a member to an automatic promotion. Promotions are handled according to time-in-grade and other requirements as laid out in the Admiralty Orders. All potential Mannheim students must complete Landing University’s CORE program before gaining admittance.


Course Name
Course Code
Course Pre-requisite
Star Kingdom U  Core Courses
Civilian One
Civilian Two
Civilian Three
King’s College
Probationary Special Agent LU-KC-0005 Core-04
Special Agent LU-KC-0006 LU-KC-0005
Foreign Service Officer LU-KC-0011 LU-KC-0006
Section Chief LU-KC-0012 LU-KC-0011
Consulate Intelligence Liaison LU-KC-0013 LU-KC-0012
Senior Special Agent LU-KC-0101 LU-KC-0013
Senior Principle Officer LU-KC-0102 LU-KC-0101
Chief of Station LU-KC-0103 LU-KC-0102
Embassy Intelligence Liaison LU-KC-0113 LU-KC-0103
Embassy Senior Intel. Liaison LU-KC-0104 LU-KC-0113
Zone Chief LU-KC-0105 LU-KC-0104
Sector Chief LU-KC-0115 LU-KC-0105
Regional Director  LU-KC-1001 LU-KC-0115 
Deputy Director of
LU-KC-1002 LU-KC-1001
Deputy Director of
LU-KC-1003 LU-KC-1002
Director of Intelligence LU-KC-1004 LU-KC-1003
Queen’s College
Consular Staff LU-QC-0005 Core-04
Consular Agent LU-QC-0006 LU-QC-0005
Embassy Staff LU-QC-0011 LU-QC-0006
Section Chief LU-QC-0012 LU-QC-0011
Consulate Attaché LU-QC-0013 LU-QC-0012
Vice-consul LU-QC-0101 LU-QC-0013
Special Envoy LU-QC-0102 LU-QC-0101
Consul  LU-QC-0103 LU-QC-0102
Embassy Attaché LU-QC-0113 LU-QC-0103
Embassy Senior Attaché LU-QC-0104 LU-QC-0113
Consul General LU-QC-0105 LU-QC-0104
Minister Resident LU-QC-0115 LU-QC-0105
Envoy Extraordinary
and Plenipotentiary
LU-QC-1001 LU-QC-0115
Chargé d’affairs LU-QC-1002 LU-QC-1001
Ambassador Extraordinary
and Plenipotentiary
LU-QC-1003 LU-QC-1002
Foreign Minister LU-QC-1004 LU-QC-1003
Xenology Institute    
Cryptozoology 01 LU-XI-CZ01 Core-4
Cryptozoology 02 LU-XI-CZ02 LU-XI-CZ01
Cryptozoology 03 LU-XI-CZ03 LU-XI-CZ02
Cryptozoology 04 LU-XI-CZ04 LU-XI-CZ03
Xenoanthropology 01 LU-XI-XA 01 Core-4
Xenoanthropology 02 LU-XI-XA 02 LU-XI-XA 01
Xenoanthropology 03 LU-XI-XA 03 LU-XI-XA 02
Xenoanthropology 04 LU-XI-XA 04 LU-XI-XA 03
Xenobiology 01 LU-XI-XB01 Core-4
Xenobiology 02 LU-XI-XB02 LU-XI-XB01
Xenobiology 03 LU-XI-XB03 LU-XI-XB02
Xenobiology 04 LU-XI-XB04 LU-XI-XB03