Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army DEPRECATED

Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army

RMA Marshal of the Army
Marshal Sir Peter Gordon KSK, CGM

The Marshal of the Royal Manticoran Army is the Senior Vice President of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Organization, Inc. and also a Member of the Board. The Marshal of the Army is responsible for the Royal Manticoran Army as a whole. For the work they do, this person is awarded the rank of Marshal of the Army. The duties of the Marshal of the Army are as follows (These duties may be expanded as necessary by Admiralty Orders, Navy Regulations, Protector’s Orders, Corps Directives or Army Directives):

  • Acting as liaison between TRMN and the RMA.
  • Appointing all members of the High Command.
  • Forwarding to the TRMN Promotions Board his own recommendations for promotion of RMA personnel to the rank of Colonel and above.
  • Reporting to the members of TRMN, through its various publications, on what is happening in the RMA.

A Word from the Marshal of the Army

Thank you for joining the men and women of the Royal Manticoran Army – Frontline, Ready Reserve, and Home Guard – altogether the Star Kingdom’s finest fighting machine. You are the mechanized “muscle” for sustained, heavy combat, you are the ones that secure and maintain control of planetary surfaces, as well as maintain the peace against uprisings or unrest when called to do so by the Government. Be proud.

I wish I could give you the secret of success, but I don’t have it. All I can say is that your success in the Royal Manticoran Army is a direct reflection of your effort. Work each day to improve yourself. Make a commitment to make your unit better by being a productive, proactive member of that unit. Try to learn something new each day because the RMA is a fast moving organization and you must never stop learning. Treat your fellow soldiers as if they were part of your family. They are. In all things, do your best; what you make of yourself is your responsibility. And one last thing – be proud of being a soldier.

You are defending the Kingdom and Crown, our people, and our way of life. There is no more honorable profession. You can be proud to say, “I am a soldier.”

Welcome to your service to the Kingdom, and Her Majesty – the Queen

In Honor to the Queen!

Your Most Humber & Obedient Service, I remain

Lord Sir Peter Gordon, KSK, CGM
Marshal of the Army
The Honorable Baron of Cumberland Moor
King William’s Tower, Landing