Royal Manticoran Army High Command

The High Command of the RMA is composed of the Chief of Staff, five Deputy Chiefs of Staff (Personnel, Intelligence, Logistics, Operations, Training), three Field Marshals and the Sergeant Major of the Army. Presiding over the High Command is the Marshal of the RMA.The High Command is the decision-making body of the RMA and is made up of the top officers of the RMA. These officers are charged with creating and implementing policy within the RMA. Decisions are made by a majority vote of this body.

  • Chief of Staff – Appointed by the Marshal of the Army, he is the Second-In-Command of the Royal Manticoran Army (TRMN) in charge of administrative duties. If, for some reason, the Marshal of the Army is unable to fulfill his duties, the Chief of Staff will assume command of the RMA until such a time as the he can return to duty or until a new Marshal can be appointed. The Chief of Staff is directly responsible for overseeing the Deputy Chiefs of Staff and their respective divisions (Personnel, Intelligence, Logistics, Operations, and Training). He may be responsible for overseeing committees and other duties as assigned by the Marshal.
  • Deputy Chiefs of Staff (Personnel, Intelligence, Logistics, Operations, Training) –  Appointed by the Marshal of the Army;
    • Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (ODCSPER) – The ODCSPER: Responsible for maintaining an RMA personnel roster and appropriate database, works with TRMN. Responsible for revisions/updates to this Service Manual.
    • Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ODCSINTEL) – The ODCSINTEL: Responsible for working and coordinating with the First Lord of the Admiralty’s Staff Intelligence Officer for event planning; Keeping records of the same for suggestions to the RMA; All communication venues (List server, IRC Channel, RMA website, other electronic communications) as determined necessary by the Marshal of the Army; Coordinating and directing activities in communications by assisting the Staff Communications Officer of the First Lord of the Admiralty with Media Contacts referring to the RMA.
    • Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (ODCSLOG) – The ODCSLOG: Responsible for overseeing all charitable activities undertaken by the RMA. Responsible for overseeing that RMA specific uniform insignia are available from the Quartermaster.
    • Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (ODCSOPS) – The ODCSOPS: approving all Unit (Installation and Formation) deployments and designations while maintaining an appropriate database with this information; Maintaining contact with all Units to insure clear communications; Keeping an “Open Office Door” policy for Unit OCs and NCOs for questions and issues.
    • Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Training (ODCSTRA) – The ODCSTRA: Responsible for establishing the fictional universe for the RMA. Specifically, he is responsible for developing materials and programs for the RMA’s King Roger I Military Academy, and for developing the RMA’s doctrine (the way in which the RMA would intend to conduct operations in the Honorverse). The DC-T works with High Command and Bureau Nine to develop equipment, organization, strategy and tactics to complete the doctrinal picture of the RMA in the Honorverse; then coordinates the training of the members in it through TRMN BuTrain. The DC-T may appoint “Branch Directors” to administrate development and training issues particular to a certain Branch of Service.
  • Field Marshals – Appointed by the Marshal of the Army, the Field Marshals are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the RMA Real-world units. Specifically, they report all news and directives from the Marshal of the Army to their respective Theater Commands and insure such information is passed on to all subordinate elements. Likewise all reports, concerns and requests from all subordinate elements must be reported via the chain of command to the Field Marshals and through them to the Marshal of the Army.
  • Sergeant Major of the Royal Army (SMRA) – Appointed by the Marshal of the Army, the SMRA is responsible for acting as an advocate for the enlisted members of the RMA; developing the Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) chain of support by recruiting and retaining NCOs; advising the Marshal and other members of the High Command on issues that concern the enlisted ranks within the RMA; and promoting and assisting in the organization of community service activities at all levels within the RMA.

 Below is a listing of the individuals that hold the above positions:

  • CoS: Lieutenant Colonel Heather Selbe, AC, CE, OG
  • ODCSPER: Lieutenant Colonel John Stump, AC, OG
  • ODCSINTEL: Vacant
  • ODCSLOG: Vacant
  • ODCSOPS: Colonel Brian Chappell, GS
  • ODCSTRA: Lieutenant Colonel Brad Lee, AC
  • Aide-de-Camp: Vacant
  • CSMRA: Regimental Sergeant Major Nicola Hawke, AC, KDE, DSO, CGM