Student Info and FAQs DEPRECATED


How do I start?

Take the first three enlisted rank exams to be promoted by your CO once you satisfy the time-in-grade for each enlisted rank through E-6.

Tips, Tricks, & Things to Remember as you Continue Your Studies at BuTrain

As you start to take exams or continue your studies, here are a few things to help you:

• Create a folder for your exams on your computer or on a cloud storage drive. A good option is to use the Google Drive associated with a Gmail email address and Google Docs. The Google Drive, with Google Docs, is free, easy to use, accessible from multiple devices, and does not require you to have any programs installed to use it.

• Create subfolders in your main exam folder for each school or type of exam you take. Keep a copy of your submitted and graded exams and completion certificate in these folders. Your exam information will be reflected in your Medusa profile but you don’t want to take a chance that this information could be lost.

• Go to the TRMN Wiki ( to view the BuTrain Student Manual.

• Join the RMN Bureau of Training Facebook group at Use this group to ask general questions (not specific exam questions) and see if your instructor is on temporary leave. There are also a number of good resources in the Files section, such as the BuTrain Faculty List and BuTrain Exams Response Timelines.

• Always provide your best answer to the essay questions. The length of each essay will vary but you shouldn’t do more than a paragraph or two for the earlier exams.

• When you are taking exams in a series, such as the enlisted rank exams, there is no need to request each subsequent exam. The next exam will be sent to you with the completed exam, provided you meet the prerequisites. If you do not meet the prerequisites for the next exam at that time you must contact the instructor using the official email to request it once you do. For example, if you are taking your specialty exams and get your C exam back but have not completed your first officer exam, which is required for the D exam, you will have to request it after you pass your O-1 exam.

• If you have any special needs when taking exams such as physical or learning challenges, please let your instructor know immediately so they may make the appropriate arrangements to help you succeed.