Theater and Planetary Commands DEPRECATED

Organization within RMA (Theater and Planetary Commands)

TRMN is divided administratively into geographic regions of the globe. In the Royal Manticoran Navy, these are known as “Naval Districts”. In the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, these are known “Corps’” In the Royal Manticoran Army, these are known as “Theater Commands”.

Theater Commands are subdivided into Planetary Commands. The RMA Theater Commands and associated Planetary Commands are:

Home System – North & South America

  • I (Manticore) Planetary Command – United States
  • II (Sphinx) Planetary Command – Canada
  • III (Gryphon) Planetary Command – Mexico & South America

Trevor’s Star – Europe & Africa

  • IV (San Martin) Planetary Command – Europe
  • VI Planetary Command – Africa (Inactive)

Talbot Quadrant – Asia & Australia

  • V Planetary Command – Australia
  • VII Planetary Command – Asia (Inactive)