Marine Unit Policies and Procedures DEPRECATED

Units in the RMMC are divided into two types;
Those that are based on chapters and are comprised of the membership of just that chapter. These units are called Marine Detachments or MARDET. Examples of this type of unit are section, squad, platoon, company, and battalion. A chapter may only have one MARDET assigned to it at any given time.

Those that are comprised of multiple MARDETs. Examples are regiment, brigade, division, force, planetary force, and corps.

Each unit has a minimum size and leadership requirement. These requirements are detailed in the latest revision of the RMMC Echelon Table. That table details out both role playing and real word unit sizes from the smallest unit to the largest unit in the RMMC. The table also illustrates the basic command structure for each of those elements.

Starting a MARDET
The smallest unit in the RMMC is the section, which is comprised of three (3) marines. This number of marines establishes a basic chain of command and forms the core for all other unit types in the RMMC. Therefore this is the minimum number of marines needed to start a MARDET. Once a chapter has met the minimum of three (3) marines, the senior most marine determined by rank and/or time in grade may fill out a RMMC MARDET Activation Request Form. The completed form is then submitted to COMFORCECOM and copied to the chapter’s commanding officer.

COMFORCECOM shall review the request and then shall act appropriately. If activation is denied, COMFORCECOM shall work with the applicant to resolve any issues that caused the denial. Upon approval, COMFORCECOM shall appoint a commanding officer for the MARDET and shall also send to the Commandant RMMC, a request for brevet promotion, if necessary, based on the size of MARDET being activated. Approval paperwork and brevet promotion requests shall be sent to the MARDET commanding officer and copied to their chapter’s commanding officer.

Please note that only units that are stationed on board chapters may be requested for activation. These include sections, squads, platoons, companies, and battalions. Assault shuttles may also request activation. For more information please see the assault shuttle documentation.

Regiments, brigades, divisions, forces, planetary forces, and corps are ad-hoc and are created from aggregating MARDETs together. These units are created as needed by COMFORCECOM or by direction of the Commandant RMMC.

Single Marines
If a chapter has less than three (3) marines on board they may not form a MARDET until there are three (3) members. Until such time that three (3) marines are present, the marines on the chapter are considered to be on detached duty. However while they may not be members of a MARDET they are considered to be part of any regiments, brigades, divisions, forces, planetary forces, and corps that are in existence and that operate in their geographical location.

Unit Nomenclature
Units are not numbered and take the name of the ship on which they are deployed. For instance a MARDET deployed on the HMS Manticore would be known as either the Manticore MARDET or HMS Manticore MARDET.

Maximum MARDET Size
Maximum MARDET sizes are determined by the hull type that is assigned to the chapter on which the MARDET is based. If at any time a MARDET expands to a size that would require a bigger hull, but there are insufficient RMN personnel on board  to meet the personnel requirements of that hull, BUSHIPS may at their discretion change a chapter’s hull to that of a Marine Transport until such time that any personnel requirements are met for a larger hull.

Change in MARDET Echelon Size
Any MARDET that gains enough members that it meets the minimum membership requirement for a larger unit, shall at the discretion of COMFORCECOM, be reclassified up to the appropriate unit size. COMFORCECOM shall then notify the CO of the MARDET and CO of the ship on which the MARDET is stationed of the change.

Any MARDET that loses enough members that it no longer meets the minimum membership requirement for its current designation shall have 60 days to bring the unit back up to full strength. If at the end of the 60 day period the MARDET is still understrength, COMFORCECOM will then reclassify the unit down to the appropriate unit size. In all cases if a MARDET is reduced down to a single marine that MARDET shall be deactivated and the remaining marine shall be considered to be on detached duty. The MARDET may be reactivated again as per already established policy.

MARDET Leadership
Being the CO of a MARDET is a very important part of the RMMC organization and serves at a vital part of the chain of command. This section outlines how MARDET leadership is chosen and removed in the RMMC. However it is vitally important to remember that COMFORCECOM choses MARDET commanding officers in the RMMC and as such those commanding officers serve at the leisure of COMFORCECOM.

Selection of Commanding Officers

    1. MARDET leadership at levels at and below the Corps level is chosen by COMFORCECOM. COMFORCECOM may consult with the Commandant, the commanding officer of a ship based MARDET, and/or other echelon commanders within the MARDET’s chain of command if they so desire with regards to filling the billets.
    2. MARDET leadership is chosen by whatever process that COMFORCECOM deems appropriate for the echelon leadership billet being filled. For example for a Rifle Platoon MARDET on a ship COMFORCECOM may wish to directly appoint a commanding officer, but for a Division COMFORCECOM may wish to take applications for that particular billet.
    3. Irrespective of billet COMFORCECOM shall consider the following when selecting commanding officers; 1) rank, 2) time-in-grade, 3) recommendations from members of the chain-of-command, and 4) any other recommendations submitted by the membership at large.
    4. When a new commanding officer is chosen for a ship based MARDET COMFORCECOM shall contact the commanding officer of the ship to which the MARDET is attached to and inform them of the change in leadership.

Removal of Commanding Officers
As mentioned above MARDET commanding officers at every echelon serve at the leisure of COMFORCECOM. As such they can be removed at any time. However removal of a commanding officer of a MARDET is an extremely disruptive action and as such should only be used as a last resort.

    1. Removal of MARDET commanding officers can be only for cause. These causes include, but are not limited to; 1) criminal acts as define by local law against The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. and its subgroups, affiliates, and/or members, 2) participating in any action/inaction that could bring discredit to The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. and any of its divisions, 3) failure to perform the duties to which are assigned to them, 4) any action/inaction that causes harm to unit morale, 5) and/or any action/inaction that causes harm to the general functioning of the unit.
        1. Before removal of a MARDET commanding officer for causes other than felonious acts, COMFORCECOM must present to the member the reasons for the removal at which time the member will have seven (7) calendar days from the time of receipt to submit a rebuttal. COMFORCECOM shall then present the rebuttal as well as the reasons for their removal to the Deputy Commandant RMMC who then will have seven (7) calendar days to review the rebuttal and supporting material and either uphold the removal or reverse it. The Deputy Commandant RMMC shall contact the member and COMFORCECOM with regards to their decision and shall also direct COMFORCECOM to take the appropriate action based on the Deputy Commandant’s decision as soon as possible.If the original decision is upheld then the member may present his/her case to the Commandant RMMC, but must do so within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the Deputy Commandant’s decision. The Commandant RMMC then has seven (7) calendar days to review the appeal and render a decision. The Commandant RMMC shall contact the member and COMFORCECOM with regards to their decision and shall also direct COMFORCECOM to take the appropriate action based on the Commandant’s decision as soon as possible. The decision of the Commandant RMMC is final and no further appeals may be made.

          Any member removed as a commanding officer of a MARDET or other echelon shall not be eligible to serve as a commanding officer at any echelon of the RMMC for a period of no less than two (2) years. During that time the member must make a genuine effort to understand the role of leadership in the RMMC and be prepared to demonstrate this knowledge when asking to be considered for a leadership position. However if removal was due to illegal activity against The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.and its subgroups, affiliates, and/or members, the member shall be permanently banned from holding a leadership position at any echelon of the RMMC.

    2. In addition to the reasons for removal as listed in item one (1) above, a MARDET or echelon commanding officer may also leave the position of their own volition at any time for any reason. The member must give COMFORCECOM a two (2) week notice, if possible, informing them that they are stepping down.

Bi-Monthly Reporting
Below is the reporting policy as estbalished by CD 01-1308 and FORCECOM Order 1312-A and is effective December 4, 2013

    1. Reporting shall be completed by MARDET commanders on a bi-monthly basis and be sent in to the Office of COMFORCECOM (
    2. The reporting cycle shall mirror that of the MARDETs’ hosting ship.  This is done in order for the free flow of information between the ship and MARDET command staffs during the reporting cycle.  The first reporting deadline will be 10 FEB 2014
    3. Reports from each MARDET will be submitted on form “RMMC-0101-MARDET Report.”  The form can be downloaded via the TRMN website.  It will be located in the RMMC Documents section
    4. The first time a MARDET files a report with COMFORCECOM, a full roster of all MARDET personnel shall be included in a file (text, Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) separate from the MARDET Report form.  This roster will give COMFORCECOM a baseline status of a MARDET and all subsequent reports will reflect the progress of the MARDET over time.  The roster should include the following information for each memeber of the MARDET
        • Name (Last, First)
        • Membership Number (RMN-xxxx-xx)
        • Date of Membership (if known)
        • Date of Birth (required for Command Staff)
        • Rank (use abbreviations:  Private = E-1, Captain = O-3)
        • Date of Rank (when current rank was received)
        • Billet (CO, NCOIC, CoS-Commandant, etc.)
        • Education Log (SIA-RMMC-xxxx, SIA-SRMC-xxx – please include all tests passed with grade [if possible], including specialty exams.)
        • Awards/Commendations