Sixth Space Lord (BuTrain)

Sixth Space Lord
Rear Admiral of the Green Sir Colin Lloyd, KDR, KDE, MC, GS, QBM, RMN
Baron New Ayers

Deputy Sixth Space Lord
Deputy Director Max Cameron, GCE, SC, DGC, OR, OG, MGL, PC, Civil (Intel)

The Sixth Space Lord, and the Office of the Sixth Space Lord, is responsible for running the Bureau of Training or BuTrain.

BuTrain’s purpose is to see that TRMN members have a fun and immersive experience in TRMN and gain insight into the Honorverse, general military history, science, technology, communication, and leadership. The various courses are written to broaden your knowledge, using the Honorverse as medium to make it not only educational but fun as well. By educating yourself, and taking on the challenge of coursework, you are not only furthering your education, but also showing others you are committed, enthusiastic, and engaged. Many members first exposure to TRMN is through BuTrain and taking courses. Volunteering to work in BuTrain as an instructor is also a very common means for members to get involved, often leading to taking on further leadership roles in the organization.

BuTrain currently consists of the service academies listed below. All service educational institutions in TRMN, except Saganami Island Academy (SIA), report directly to the senior commanding officer of their service. The SIA Commandant reports directly to the 6SL and falls under the O6SL. All other academy commanding officers (for services other than RMN) are considered their senior service head’s liaison to BuTrain. As such, each academy commandant generally functions autonomously, but as part of BuTrain, is also required to answer to and report to the O6SL as well.

  • Saganami Island Naval Academy (RMN)
  • Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command (RMMC)
  • King Roger I Military Academy (RMA)
  • Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy (GSN)
  • Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie (under development) (IAN)
  • Republic of Haven Naval Academy (under development) (RHN)
  • Star Kingdom University System (Civilian)
  • Royal Manticoran Astro Control Academy (Civilian)
  • Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine Academy (Civilian)
  • Sphinx Forestry Service (Civilian)
  • Remote Training Institute

Further information on BuTrain and the BuTrain Student Manual, can be found at:

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