Welcome to The Royal Manticoran Navy

Welcome to The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association’s web page.

We exist to celebrate the adventures of Honor Harrington and the Honorverse. As an organization, we are structured much like the Honorverse has been. There are many opportunities to participate in any role you would like! Within TRMN you can be a member of the Manticoran military in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marines, or Army. Or, you can participate as a Grayson, Andermani, or Republic of Haven naval member. If you are not as interested in the military side of things, you can be a civilian in government, work in Astro Control or serve on a Merchant Marine ship. We have gone to great lengths to make sure we are as true to the books as possible, using the books, and direct input from BuNine as our guide to creating a cohesive and fun organization. Whether you like to cosplay or just get together with friends for games, movies, and fellowship, then TRMN is a place for you!

Our members currently include over 5,000 people from 46 countries/territories! Are you interested in being a part of our exciting adventure? We are not only fans of the Honorverse but also cosplayers, gamers, sci-fi fans and, in general, geeks. We enjoy gathering together for the camaraderie and we love to support all kinds of charities. The official charity of the organization is Big Cat Rescue. Their bobcat, Max, is our official mascot.

We believe it is a major part of our mission for you to have a positive fandom experience, so please explore all our site has to offer and if you like what you see, feel free to join us. All we ask is that you remember one thing; do it “Always with Honor!”

Please contact us at info@trmn.org for more information!