Ranks of the Royal Manticoran Army

Below is a complete rank chart for the Royal Manticoran Army.

Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Shoulder Board Collar
F-6 Marshal of the Army o12s o12c
F-5 Field Marshal o11s o11c
F-4 General o10s o10c
F-3 Lieutenant General o9s o9c
F-2 Major General o8s o8c
F-1 Brigadier o7s o7c
O-6 Colonel o6s o6c
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel o5s o5c
O-4 Major o4s o4c
O-3 Captain o3s o3c
O-2 First Lieutenant o2s o2c
O-1 Second Lieutenant o1s o1c

Warrant Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Sleeve Collar
W-5 Master Chief Warrant Officer wo5s wo5c
W-4 Senior Chief Warrant Officer w4s wo4c
W-3 Chief Warrant Officer w3s wo3c
W-2 Warrant Officer Second Class w2s wo2c
W-1 Warrant Officer First Class w2s wo1c

Enlisted Ranks

Pay Grade Rate Sleeve
E-10 Sergeant Major of the Army e11
E-10 Command Sergeant Major e10b
E-10 Regimental Sergeant Major e10a
E-9 Sergeant Major e9-1
E-8 First Sergeant e8-1
E-7 Master Sergeant e7-1
E-6 Staff Sergeant e6-1
E-5 Platoon Sergeant e5
E-4 Corporal e4
E-3 Lance Corporal e3
E-2 Private 1st Class e2
E-1 Private e1