About the Bureau of Training


Welcome to the Bureau of Training, the educational arm of TRMN! You might be wondering why you should take BuTrain courses and even why we require them to fully progress to the higher ranks within the organization. Here are some reasons we feel having a robust educational arm of a volunteer organization and fan club benefits our membership as a whole:

  1. It creates engagement and enjoyment of the Honorverse, the stories, characters and ideas through gaining knowledge about the history, science, and leadership that David Weber includes in all of the stories he writes.
  2. It provides leadership courses that require you to do some research and learn more about the qualities of good leadership, management, and most of all, collaborative communication with others.
  3. By educating yourself and taking on the challenges of the coursework, it can show others you are committed to doing the work it takes to become a leader within the organization. While it’s not required you do more than take the mainline courses for your rank, going deeper can show other leaders in the organization that you are enthusiastic and engaged. It is truly one of the first organizational level activities most new members participate in.
  4. It can help to provide a more immersive experience beyond the cosplay and titles within the organization. You can achieve both personal accomplishment and organizational awards, which can be a rewarding and fun way to start getting more involved in TRMN. BuTrain’s purpose is to see that TRMN members have fun and gain some insight into the Honorverse, general military history, science, technology, communication, and leadership.

Within BuTrain you will find the following academies of study, each one with a unique flair:

To find out more in-depth information about course descriptions, course and academy requirements, how to take BuTrain courses, and more, visit our Education Portal on the Mantipedia Wiki.

Follow this link for the BuTrain Student Manual.