Ranks of the Republic of Haven Navy

Below is a complete rank chart for the Republic of Haven Navy.

Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Sleeve Shoulder Board Collar
F-5 Fleet Admiral
F-4 Admiral
F-3 Vice Admiral
F-2 Rear Admiral
F-1 Commodore
O-6 Captain
O-5 Commander
O-4 Lieutenant Commander
O-3 Lieutenant (Senior Grade)
O-2 Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
O-1 Ensign
MID Midship(wo)men

Enlisted Ranks

Pay Grade Rate Sleeve
E-10 Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer
E-7 Chief Petty Officer
E-6 Petty Officer 1st Class
E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class
E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class
E-3 Spacer 1st Class
E-2 Spacer 2nd Class
E-1 Spacer 3rd Class