Ranks of the Royal Manticoran Navy

Below is a complete rank chart for the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Sleeve Shoulder Board Collar
F-6 Admiral of the Fleet sm_sl_admf aotf-shoulder o12c-2
F-5 Fleet Admiral sm_sl_adm f5-shoulder o11c-2
F-4 Admiral sm_sl_adm f4-shoulder o10c-2
F-3 Vice Admiral sm_sl_vadm f3-shoulder o9c-2
F-2 Rear Admiral sl_RADM f2-shoulder o8c-2
F-1 Commodore sl_COMM f1-shoulder o7c-2
O-6B Captain (Senior Grade) sm_sl_capt o6b-shoulder o6c-2
O-6A Captain (Junior Grade) sm_sl_capt o6a-shoulder o5c-2
O-5 Commander sm_sl_cmdr o5-shoulder o5c-2
O-4 Lieutenant Commander sm_sl_ltcmdr o4-shoulder o4c-2
O-3 Lieutenant (Senior Grade) sm_sl_ltsg o3s o3c-2
O-2 Lieutenant (Junior Grade) sm_sl_ltjg o2-shoulder o2c-2
O-1 Ensign sm_sl_esn o1-shoulder o1c-2
MID Midship(wo)man sm_sl_msm sm_sb_msm midc

Note: Flag Officers are split into two divisions according to seniority in grade. Senior Officers are “of the Green”, or “Manticore” division; junior officers “of the Red”, or “Gryphon division.” Captain (SG) is also known as “Captain of the List”. Lieutenants (JG) and Lt. Commanders are known socially as “Lieutenant” and “Commander”, respectively. There is only one Captain on a ship, and that is the Commanding Officer, regardless of his or her rank. If another naval O-6 / O-7 grade visits aboard ship, they are given the courtesy rank of “Commodore.” If they are assigned to the ship’s company, e.g. the embarked LAC group, they may be addressed by rank and surname. Royal Manticoran Marine and Royal Manticoran Army Captains are given the courtesy rank of “Major.” Billets such as sailing master, astrogator or communications officer are not ranks, but jobs and/or specialties assigned to members of the ship’s company.

Warrant Officer Ranks

Pay Grade Rank Sleeve Collar
W-5 Master Chief Warrant Officer w5-sleeve wo5c-2
W-4 Senior Chief Warrant Officer w4-sleeve wo4c-2
W-3 Chief Warrant Officer w3-sleeve wo3c-2
W-2 Warrant Officer First Class w2-sleeve wo2c-2
W-1 Warrant Officer w2-sleeve wo1c-2

Enlisted Ranks

Pay Grade Rate Sleeve
E-10 Senior Master Chief Petty Officer e10as
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer e9s
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer e8s
E-7 Chief Petty Officer e7s
E-6 Petty Officer 1st Class e6s
E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class e5s
E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class e4s
E-3 Spacer 1st Class e3s
E-2 Spacer 2nd Class e2s
E-1 Spacer 3rd Class e1s

Note: Enlisted personnel do not have ranks. Instead, the term is “rating”. This is depicted in their insignia by the number of stripes and/or arcs displayed. Their specialty. i.e. “Gravitics Technician”, is known as their “rate”, and is depicted on their insignia by the device centered over their rating stripes. A chart of these devices can be seen on the “Ratings” page. E-1 to E-3 ratings are referred by their rates, i.e. “Electronics Tech First Wanderman.” E-4 to E-6 Petty Officers are referred to as “mates”, i.e. “Gunner’s Mate Harkness.”