Civilian Corps

Office of the Home Secretary
Wayne Bruns, GCE, OM, KDGL, MC, DSA, DA, KR
The Home Secretary
First Earl, Cappanarrow

Deputy Home Secretary
Admiral Sir Garret Bitker, GCE, KDGL, MC, KR, SC, OG, CGM, PC, RMACS
First Baron, Silver Lake

Civilians are one of the components that make up The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. This subgroup is for those people who like the Honor Harrington Universe, but do not want to participate in the military aspect of the fan association.

The Non-uniformed Civilian Divisions are:

Special Intelligence Service (The Information Gathering Arm)

Intelligence used in this section would be the gathering of information for use by the Unit Triad and Administration/Diplomatic sections.

This information would include but not be limited to other Science Fiction Groups (Their locations, officers, contact information, meetings, activities etc.) that are in the area or nearby. This would include other RMN Chapters. The location of local libraries (including were possible school libraries) in the area, answering the following questions, do they have the Honor books (including the Youth Books) in their collections, who orders books for that library, are they willing to put the Honor Books on the selves, what are the policies on information tables or making presentations, who is the main contact at that library? List all books stores in the area, new, used and comic, are they willing to display promotional materials including Chapter information, the main contact for the store.

What local or community newspapers are in your area, do they publish organizational and meeting notices, what format do they require for submission, and what are their deadlines for that information. Many radio and TV stations also have Community Calendar spots or will do live interviews of members for upcoming events. Don’t forget to list the call-in stations to get a plug in for the RMN or events we will be attending.

This information should be in a written form that can be used by the Command Triad and by the Diplomatic Section.

King’s College School of Intelligence — King’s College, a part of Landing University, specializes in the Intelligence speciality and serves as the Academy for the Intelligence Service.

The Diplomatic Corps (The Administration/Foreign Service)

The Diplomatic Corps take the information generated by the Intelligence service and the orders of the Command Triad and puts them to practical use.

At Conventions members of this section would be the ones who handle to table requests, sitting up the table and making arrangements for display items, making sure that there is staffing for the table (that proper con table attire is worn), setting up the coverage schedule. One of the duties would include visiting the tables of other Science Fiction groups at the convention, in order foster good working relations with them, and talking about their group with them, inviting them to our meeting or the possibility of a joint activity i.e. picnic or other activity where the groups can interact. If possible, make the contacts with the book stores, game stores, and comic stores to either put on a presentation, post posters or leave information. Arrange speaking engagements at book clubs, scout units where information about the organization can be presented. The Diplomatic Officer should make sure that material on all branches of the RMN are available.

Organize members to assist at the Special Olympics or Walk-a-Thons, making sure they are in proper RMN attire for the event.

When information is received from Bupers or Buships regarding unassigned personnel, and made available to the ship or command, this officer who would send the first contact communications with both information on the local commands and an invitation to join the unit.

Following the guidelines acquired by the Intelligence Officer write meeting notices and news articles for the local newspapers. This would also include articles when a member receives one of the higher awards. Let the local TV station know when you are holding an event, either for advance publicity or coverage of the event.

When PBS or other Charities hold telethons, try to get members on the on-camera phone banks, be prepared to tell something about our organization, always be prepared to give organization contact information on the program.

Queen’s College School of Administration — Queen’s College, a part of Landing University, specializes in the Diplomatic specialty and serves as the Academy for the Diplomatic Corps

Both the Intelligence Officer and Diplomatic Officer in some units may be either Military or Civilian or both slots held by the same person.

General Civilian (Peerage Land Staff, & unaffiliated Civilians)

These are those Civilian Members who chose to work on other projects such a TRMN Amateur Radio Station, study group leaders, etc.