Royal Manticoran Marine Corps

Marshal of the Corps
Marshal of the Corps Michael Houghtaling, KSK, KDE, MC, SC, OG, NS
Earl Sutherland

Deputy Marshal of the Corps
Field Marshal A.J. Olsen, KSK, KDE, MC, SC, OG, DSO
Baron Grays Harbor

Regimental Sergeant Major of the Corps

The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps is the second largest subgroup of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. and tends to have a bit more of a martial aspect.

The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps has many responsibilities. Aboard ship, these responsibilities include providing emergency landing parties, security parties, and boarding parties for the ship to which they are attached. Marines act as shipboard police, under the authority of the warship’s master-at-arms, who is normally a Naval warrant officer. Under combat conditions, Marine detachments man shipboard duty stations (normally this means damage and repair parties, but ships with large Marine contingents often have entire sections of main broadside weapons with Marine crews).

Since the marines remain on board ship for most of the time, they receive training normally reserved for naval personnel. During battles, it is not uncommon to see a marine manning a grazer mount or manning a damage control party. Separate from shipboard duties, Marines are responsible for planetary assault operations and provide garrisons, guards, and security detachments for Manticoran embassies or as custom enforcement and inspections detachments for the Astro Control Services.

The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps is organized around the Marine Detachment, or MARDET and is in many ways a chapter within a chapter on a Royal Manticoran Navy vessel. With its own leadership and opportunities to its members dependent only on its size. The smallest sized MARDET is the Section (3 Marines) led by a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) with the largest being a Brigade containing three Regiments based on a Heavy Marine Transport.

Above the chapter level are the ‘Fleet Regiments’. Each numbered fleet in the RMN is assigned an RMMC Regiment to act as the overall home Regiment to the Marines of that fleet. Above those are the Expeditionary Forces which oversees the Regiments within a numbered fleet area. The last and highest are the numbered Corps that contain several Expeditionary Forces.

As The Royal Manticoran Navy has grown, so too has the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps. As we continue to grow many opportunities for advancement within the command structure of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps will open up.

RMMC Training Command – Camp Maastricht

The Royal Manticorian Marine Corps operates the Royal Manticorian Marine Corps Training Center (RMMCTC) as a part of the Burau of Training (BuTrain). Those interested in taking part in opportunities may take any of the exams offered and the RMMCTC is always looking for instructors to join the ranks.