Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine

Commandant of the Merchant Fleet Academy
Master, Peter Gold, KSK, KDE, KCGL, TMSM, GS, QBM, CBM

Deputy Commandant
First Engineer, Joe Jungers, MMDSM, TMSM, CGM

The Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine (RMMM) is the civilian branch of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official honor Harrington Fan Organization (TRMN) with chapters organized as hypercapable ships. The merchant marine is also one of the uniformed civilian branches of TRMN.

In the context of the TRMN, the RMMM represents a different way of looking at the Honorverse and, in many ways, is on the cutting edge of the organization simply due to the extreme lack of canon materials produced for it in the series. So, for those who have chosen to become members of the RMMM within the TRMN, it can be a challenging environment while we define our particular flavor within the club.

The RMMM offers a great place for established RMN persona to transition from the military to a civilian persona.

In terms of organization, the RMMM is one of the smallest smallest branches. The small size of the RMMM has given us a number of advantages, not the least of which has been a certain amount of flexibility with regard to ship names, company names, and potential role playing options.

Our ships, in the Honorverse travel everywhere looking for the cargos and passengers. If there is a job that could be on a passenger liner, we can create a billet for that. We currently have a dance instructor as a RMMM billet; we can have bar tenders, musicians and other entertainment specialists along with the deck and engineering billets that run the ship. Our cargo ships travel the galaxy, letting us role play carrying cargos associated with the various TRMN peerage lands.

We also have lots of leadership opportunities available at the local level.

The Merchant Fleet Academy has been open since 2016, and is accepting students. Come join us and help us grow and develop!