Imperial Andermani Navy

Gro╬▓admiral der Flotte
Gro╬▓admiral der Flotte Freiherr Philip Wohlrab, GCE, CGM Baron, Baudenvost

Vizeadmiral Ritter Robert Hampson, GCE, OM, GS, QBM

The Imperial Andermani Navy is a sometime allied service of the Royal Manticoran Navy, though they have exchanged fire in the past. The IAN provides the defense for the Andermani Empire and helps oversee its far-flung possessions in Silesia, while safeguarding the thirteen home systems of the Empire. The IAN was in some ways predates the existence of the Empire it is charged with safeguarding as its original components were formed from the mercenary group that Gustav Anderman the First used to found his empire. The home planet of the Anderman Empire was originally founded by Chinese colonists from old Terra, but the colony was failing, with its population starving to death. Gustav Anderman made the colony a deal whereby he would invest in them and save the colony but that they would then acknowledge him as their Emperor. They agreed, and he kept his word. He would go on to bring other additional worlds into the Empire in much the same way. This has led to a fusion of Chinese and Prussian cultures, due to Gustav believing he was the reincarnation of Frederick the Great.

As a component of the TRMN the IAN was originally formed to give our German speaking members a home in the organization that was rooted in the Honorverse Canon. The group grew to include a chapter in the United States. Since then the group has expanded into the second largest Allied Navy in the TRMN with members in Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. The service is growing with opportunities for people who are dedicated to find positions in leadership or to start new chapters.

If you are looking for a challenge, and to be a part of an organization in way that is non-traditional than the IAN may be where you want to join!