Republic of Haven

Chief of Naval Operations
Chief of Naval Operations Melyssa Dennis, QCB, CR, ME, CGM, QBM

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
Captain Mitch Dunn, CGM, QBM

Implacable Enemies, Powerful Allies

Rising from the ashes of the People’s Republic, The Republic of Haven continues to prove itself as a force to be reckoned with.

Since our founding in 1309 PD, the Republic of Haven has been a nation of culture, equality, and determination. We forged our own path through trial and fire. From our early successes as one of the most successful and democratic star nations, to our missteps that lead to the DuQuesne Plan, to our wars with Manticore and her allies, and finally to our rebirth as The Republic, we have brought our ideals and stubborn determination to face every challenge and as a result, we have overcome every obstacle. Foraker. Cachat. Theisman. Tourville. Giscard. Pritchart.

Our heroes are like our people. They match strength of character with unmatched drive.

We hold that strength even today but we still need to stand together. Right now there are a myriad of positions available from the tech loading missiles to every level of marine to ship captains to staff positions, no matter what direction you wish to go, we have an opportunity for you to fulfil it.

If you have drive, passion and a desire to have a real hand in helping shape the future of an entire branch built on service & community, then the RHN is the place for you. Be Better, Together.

The Star Nation that laid siege to Manticore now stands side by side with their former foes.

Do you have what it takes to stand with us?