Royal Manticoran Army

Marshal of the Army
Marshal of the Army Matthew Miller, KDE, MM, SC, MG, OG, CGM

Deputy Marshal of the Army
Field Marshal John Brice, Jr., QCB, GCE, KR, MG, GS, QBM

The Royal Manticoran Army (RMA) is the primary ground combat arm of the Royal Manticoran Armed Forces and was formally established by King Roger Winton II in 1648 PD and is the youngest of the Star Empire’s three military services. Prior to that date, each planet in the Manticore system had its own Planetary Guard to provide for disaster relief, peace keeping, and planetary security, but there was no perceived need for a Kingdom-wide army.

The RMA is a component of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official honor Harrington Fan Organization (TRMN), whose members are people from diverse backgrounds who just prefer the junior service of the Star Kingdom of Manticore (SKM) for their Honorverse fan activities. The RMA is organized along traditional military lines, in the same manner as TRMN, however RMA chapters are organized around the ground force in terms of tactical units. Unlike our navy brethren, where the Ship is considered to be more-or-less an autonomous organization in much the same way as they are in the Honorverse itself, RMA chapters are not units unto themselves and generally work much more closely with their higher commands. In the RMA, the High Command, which is made up of the Marshal of the Army (MotA), the RMA Deputy Marshal of the Army, Adjutant General, Commanding Officer, Signal Corps; Commanding Officer, Logistics Corps; and Commanding Officer, Intelligence Corps act as an executive body that both executes directives from the MotA and the RC, and also acts as coordinators and liaisons between the RMA and the TRMN Bureaus.