Royal Manticoran Navy

rmn The Royal Manticoran Navy is many things to the people of the Star Kingdom. We are a tradition that dates back to when the first steps were taken in the Manticore system.

We are the House of Steel that King Roger I, envisioned to protect his people. The RMN is the first line of defense against anyone who would think to threaten the Star Kingdom, her allies or the wormhole junction. We are the strong backbone of the Grand Alliance, working to always include our neighbors so that they can benefit from all that the Grand Alliance can offer.

We are the innovators who create the cutting edge of space technologies that continually improve spaceflight and Alliance defense. We create honed and skilled professionals at Saganami Island Academy. With the RMN you will learn skills that will last a lifetime and will benefit Manticore and its allies in years to come. We fully embody the motto of the Navy; fortitudo, fidelitas, decus (“Courage, Loyalty, Honor”).

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